September 25, 2007

Lovely 50's Decor No More

The infamous "Before" pictures of our bathroom are in pink & black. The shower had an arched entry, and the room was plastered in pink & black tile. This must have been a pretty fancy bathroom, about 50 years ago! Peter, friends, and family (especially his dad!) worked hard to update the space.


TiffandGreg said...

Hi Peter and Abby- my husband and I recently bought a home with a similar 50's style bathroom. We are interested in how you removed the pink and black tile from the walls (how much work it was) or if you left it up under the white chair rail that you put on the walls. It looks great! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Tiffany and Greg

Peter & Abby Hansen said...

To Tiffany & Greg, we gutted the bathroom, tile, walls, and all!! It was a lot of work. Worth it for sure!

Moira said...

This brakes my heart everytime I see someone destroy one of those bathrooms to put in something new. It was so much better before. It makes me wanna cry