October 31, 2007

Kitchen Demo!

If you never saw our "old" kitchen, there's a picture below, look for the yellow! (and rug!) But no more! Peter, Jeff (in green), Josh, Ryan (in red), and Pete's dad worked hard the demo the place. We have about 100 bags of garbage & literally "tons" of scraps in the back yard. We have new cabinets & appliances on order, they'll be here in a few weeks! :-) In the meantime you-know-who is staying up late every night working on getting it ready. (Hint: it's not me!)


Mike said...

Those pictures are nice and all, but how about some pictures of Peter getting all grumpy and throwing stuff around - that's what I want to see.

I am still waiting for my invitation to come help, but maybe you haven't asked on purpose. I guess you may have seen my skills on some other kitchen projects:).

I at least want an invite to the post project party.

Great job guys - love the place - it's SO better and Abby!

Laura said...

Nice work, guys! I'm impressed... when Bob and I buy a house, we know who to call ;)

Carrie said...

Cute cute!!! You are adorable... No pictures of you cold in your tank top outfit?