November 26, 2007

Wall gone!

As of this morning, Inspections are passed! Peter passed the first round of plumbing, electrical, and framing with flying colors! Okay, this is the view from the living room to the new dining room. This used to be a wall all of the way across, with the old kitchen on the other side. New windows too (thanks Jeff, Ryan & Josh for helping to lift them in!)


jerseygrl said...

fan friggin tastic. but i must say a wee bit daunting it looks! :)


Kimberly Coyle said...

This all seems too familiar. I feel like I'm looking at my own house! It looks amazing though! Great job:)

Mr. O said...

So I guess that you're saying that you need me to show up for dinner randomly one night in your new kitchen... got it.

salli said...

Hey guys! Your house is looking amazing!!! I can't believe all the work you're's fantastic. You've done a great job with all the pictures on the blog, too. Congrats!
-Salli Ran for the rest of the Ran Clan

Kiki said...

Good for people to know.