June 05, 2008

Kitchen Completed!

We finally got around to taking the "after" pictures of our kitchen. Our first meal in the new space was Christmas Eve, and we've been enjoying it ever since! It bears absolutely no resemblance to old the house! New windows, no windows, new doors, no doors, new walls, no walls... the list of changes goes on & on.
I can you with absolute pride that Contractor Peter did everything... except for install the granite slab. Electrical, plumbing, carpentry & cabinets (Ryan Smerillo helped a TON with this!), painting, tiling, appliance installation... and there are probably about a thousand things I forgot to say!
We'd also like to give a shout-out to Jason at our local Home Depot, for his assistance with everything from cabinet measurements to 10% off coupons, as both are equally important! Jason, along with the guy from the granite place, the Long Hill Township home inspectors, the woman on the phone from faucets.com that I got to know a little too well, everyone at Ted's Appliance-A-Rama in Plainfield, Tony the dumpster guy who hauled away tons of our debris, and the UPS delivery-man that brought all the lighting to the wrong house where it sat for 2 weeks... Thank You! :-) Peter is pretty amazing at this stuff, he gets the biggest shout-out of all!

The above picture shows what used to be a solid wall, and enclosed the old kitchen.


jerseygrl said...

GORGEOUS!!! fantastic...fabulous...


Carrie said...

this old kitchen? I am bored with it already! Ready for some new renovations!

salli said...

Hey Abby! I haven't checked your blog in a really long time and I looooooove your new kitchen!! It's so beautiful. Peter did an awesome job and you have a great decorating style. You two should start your own business...I'd hire you!