June 05, 2008

My Husband, Ax-Man

Peter, his dad, and our friend Jeff Allen have spent the past few Saturdays in May, and now June, doing some heavy-duty work in our back-forest, I mean back-yard... someday! Jeff is a Vermont native, so has experience in this type of deforestation :-)
Our back property is overgrown with very tall evergreens, with no grass to be seen! Each windy day we've watched the trees with trepidation. So the trees are now falling on our watch....! Ladders, chainsaws, ropes and pulleys, the neighbors must think we're nuts.
I know it appears that these trees are almost a 100 feet tall, because THEY ARE! Peter is the red speck waaaaay up high. Wearing not one, but two harnesses. I usually stick around till he is on the ground, pretending to be occupied with something other than worrying myself to death! ;-)

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