November 12, 2008

Getting ready for Baby~ October Demo Day!

The weekend the demo of our 2nd bedroom (formerly known as Abby's dressing room...) in preparation for our new little Hansen! :-) We tore down the old walls, old insulation, old windows... basically if it was there, it's GONE. Now Peter is in the re-building phase, installing new electrical, new windows, new insulation... you get the idea. I am busy flipping through magazines for Nursery decoration inspiration (I am much better at this than, say, installing a dimmer switch.) We have GREAT friends!!! In the pictures you will see Ryan, Josh, Jeff, and Pete's dad "Turo" who were all part of the weekend team. Thanks guys!! Would have been most definitely impossible without you! Yes, Peter even may admit it, he needed help to complete all that!

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