November 12, 2008

First Fall Project Done, New Heating System!

Peter replaced the entire heating system!

This all began with PSE&G running an underground natural gas line from across busy Valley Road to the house. Pete ran a new gas line in the house, with the help of Uncle Tim's Ridgid pipe-threader. Then, Pete removed the old steam system, which had been working hard since the Roosevelt Administration, totaling about 2000 pounds of metal at the scrapyard (and $95 for Abby's redecorating fund ;-)
After closing the old radiator holes in the wall, Pete installed hot water baseboard heat throughout the house. The last step was furnace installation, thank you Dave Rousch!
In process, Pete replaced the old hot water heater (which had been in hospice care since we moved in 2 years ago) was also replaced. The top picture is the new boiler & hot water heater, our Christmas gifts to each other... I will never take heat or hot water for granted again!

We spent a bit more than this, but, we made $300 selling the "antique" radiators on craigslist! We still have one left , first come, first serve...! Not everyone at once please.


salli said...

LOL---you're so funny. What a good idea to sell the radiators on craig's list. Who knew that any body would want them.

Kristitn S. said...

Your new baseboards look great! New heating--now you'll be nice and toasty for those winter months.

Danielle Ran said...

Looks great guys!!! I can't believe everything you've done to the house.